Sacrificial Snapchat Selfies

Sacrificial Snapchat Selfies

I’m the worst !! It’s been FOREVER since I posted last and I have totally been slacking on posting! I have typed up different parts of post and just never posted them… Anyway, for DGST 101, our class was called into action to choose a culture module to learn about. The group I’m in chose #Selfies. (Honestly, let me take a selfie).

I wanted to tackle the #Selfie module in a different manner than my group members did, so I chose to use the idea of analyzing snapchat filter selfies. I learned a lot about snapchat filters and the controversy they have caused in certain situations. There are a few filters that have come out since the beginning of snapchat filters that are the main focus of the controversy.

I learned that filters like the butterfly crown, flower crown, and the “beauty enhancer” (that one named by me..) are filters that help to portray people as those they are not. It was very interesting to me that in the 2 articles I read on Huffington Post and USA Today websites talked about these filters portraying unrealistic ideas of beauty and causing people to look more “Westernized.” Each of the 2 websites said virtually the same thing, but I used the Huffington Post article too, even though I found the USA Today one first, because it gave me examples of what the article was talking about via side by side pictures of the same person. When the articles stated that Snapchat was promoting unrealistic ideas of beauty, I was confused because I just thought that the specific filters were just original photos with an overlay and a different colored filter. I also didn’t realize how much the different colorings could be seen as trying to portray people as more Westernized/whiter because I am white and it never affected my skin color enough for me to notice. I quickly learned that I was wrong, as you can see in the photos below, the pictures are drastically different and they do portray unrealistic beauty standards.

Notice the differences in these two side by side photos, I will focus on pointing out the alterations by the snapchat filter. The filter makes Rosy Cherrington’s cheeks look more contoured and accentuates her facial features. The filter also makes her hair look more blonde and her skin looks like it has less blemishes.


In this photo, Rosie’s skin looks much lighter than it actually is. Even though she has fair skin, the filter makes her skin look even lighter and her hair more blonde. Her lips and brows are also lighter and her eyes are accentuated more.


This photo is interesting as well, it doesn’t make her hair look lighter or anything, but it does have a filter that I’m not sure how to explain. Her eyelashes definitely look longer and are more predominate. Her lips also look brighter. Another thing to notice is that her nose looks like it had plastic surgery and is much smaller than it is in the original photo.

I found that my findings were very interesting and definitely showed me something I had never thought about before. It made me realize that these beauty standards created by society and snapchat have an effect on people, even if I don’t realize it. My findings opened my eyes to the issues that social media causes in people’s lives.

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