Photoshop GIFs

Photoshop GIFs

As you know, I have been working on making GIFs for my DGST 101 class and I have learned a lot about creating GIFs! My class presentation included a tutorial type presentation that I created, so I am interested and doing the same thing for my blog post!

In order to open and begin your gif-ing process, you must import your video into Photoshop (I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2015) as “Video Frames to Layers.” The next step is to pick your video from your video library.

Seen Here:

The next photo is the next step:

You will see the video in separate frames and from there you can edit your frames as needed.

As soon as you are finished with editing your layers, you will export your GIF.

In order to export, you will go to file, export, and then export to web in order to save your GIF file for it to be used as a GIF.

You will then see a pop up that looks something like this:

This is where you will have the option to actually save and view your final product.

Once you hit save, you will have to save the gif to your computer and you will have a fully operating GIF to share with the world!

Like this one:

I recorded the video used in this GIF at a Griswolds concert at the Richmond, VA Capitol Ale House.

So, all-in-all I learned a lot about Copyright and creating GIFs themselves! I struggled with knowing what kind of video to use in order to create my GIFs, but I ended up just using a video that I recorded, so that I knew I was not breaking any laws! I learned how to create Photoshop GIFs from doing lots of googling and asking friends who create GIFs for their Tumblrs often! I discovered that I really like making GIFs and may begin to create more of them because it’s a relatively painless process! I’m really proud of the way my GIF turned out for it being the first GIF I’ve ever created through Photoshop! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and my reflection on the GIF-ing process! I really enjoyed learning more about GIFs and how to make them!

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